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Welcome to The Little Foot Ferretry. We are a small private breeder located in Northeast Ohio. Litters are limited because my ferrets are my pets first and their happiness and well-being will always be #1. We focus on longevity, conformation, disposition and overall health. 

All of my ferrets live within my home and are treated like family. We pour our hearts and souls into raising our babies and work very hard to prepare them for the transition into new families.

We breed standard coat ferrets in Sable, Black Roan Mitt, Albino and Champagne.

Our Story

I fell in love with my first pair of ferrets when I was just 10 years old. One day, my mom randomly decided to bring home these two little creatures. My first gib, Buddy and my first sprite, Missy. I had never seen or even heard of a ferret before, but I knew it was cute and it was hilarious. The bizarre and spastic movements, the hopping and pouncing on everything and all the constant laughter immediately made me fall in love.

After them, I didn't get anymore ferrets until I moved out. Then, my freshman year of college, my boyfriend bought me a ferret for Christmas. That's when I met

Leah. Leah was a tiny little roan who turned DEW. She was the sweetest little thing who loved to steal random items, climb onto tables, play in the dirt and hoard tootsie rolls in a secret treasure trove she created under my bed. One which I found two years after her passing when I was moving. She was the reason I wanted to purchase my first privately bred ferret. She was a Marshall ferret who ended up with adrenal disease and suffered from insulinoma. I am blessed to say I had 5 (almost 6) beautiful and wonderful years with her and still think about her every day, but watching her go through that was rough.

Fast forward 4 years and I decided to hop back into the ferret bandwagon. However, I did more research and found out there were ferret shows. Competitive showing with judges and everything and I thought "okay. this is something I would absolutely love to do". After looking into a few different breeders, I came across Scarlett at SHD (Scarlett's Happy Dooker's Ferretry) and deep dived into another dimension on her website. Her website is a database of information. THIS IS WHERE I AM GETTING MY SHOW FERRET. I purchased a beautiful Black Roan Mitt hob and named him Hamish.

After doing some showing and becoming a judge in training, an opportunity to breed had presented itself. I attended a breeder's education weekend and decided I wanted to try my hand at breeding and here we are!

Our mission is to provide happy and healthy pets.

We are a proud member of The Heart of Ohio Ferret Association's Breeder Circle!


We love to attend shows and would love if you came up and said "Hi" to us!

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